My Inspiration and Purpose

Robert Edmond Jones

Robert Edmond Jones

During a professional career in the theater that has spanned the better part of two decades now, I have leaned heavily on the theories and practices of the great Robert Edmond (Bobby) Jones.  This blog is titled in honor of his book, The Dramatic Imagination.  A book that still stands as the seminal writing in regard to the evolution of scene design in the early and mid 20th Century.  But this book is more than a commentary on the technical aesthetic of the theater.  It is moreover a guidebook in the ways of being an effective Artist in the theater…whether that be as an actor, a director, designer, producer or technician.  I believe, as Bobby did, our aim should always be toward continued development and evolution to the most effective version of ourselves as Artists.

It is my hope, that this blog will rekindle the light on Bobby’s ideas, as well as those of other great artists whom I admire. Perhaps together, we can lead the kind of evolution that Bobby led as the “Father of American Scene Design”, that Harold Clurman led as the founder of the Group Theater.  A man some people refer to as, “The most influential man in the history of American Theater”.   Let us not forget the man I believe to be the most creative Directorial mind the theater has ever known, Peter Brook.

In my posts I will collect and distribute, to those interested in them, my thoughts on the work of the theater.  The work of these past Artists, from whom we can learn…and steal from shamelessly to make our own work great.  The work of present artists, as it happens around me.  The work that I am a part of myself. Lastly, the life of the artist in the theater…what it means to live that life and how to do it effectively.

I see far too much commercialization in the theater of today.  Far too much theater driven by the ego.  Far too much theater produced in what I refer to as a cinematic fashion, literal, narrow and realistic.  Let the movies have that.  Let’s get the wonder back in the theater.

I hope you enjoy my thoughts, sometimes poignant, often rambling…occasionally brilliant according to some and never, ever, the final word on anything.

In the navigation bar at the top of this page or in the sidebar to the right, you can find links and other pages related to some of the Artist’s who’s ideas will be featured in this blog – The Dramatic Imagination.

Break it all – Nich

One comment on “My Inspiration and Purpose

  1. John Arends says:

    Glad to see this, Nich. You’ve got a lot of insight and expertise to share…and tons of knowledge on theorists and practitioners to point us toward. Looking forward to tapping into all that.

    Good luck with this!

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